About Us

Welcome to our Website!

Bright Book Readers website was created in Fall 2018. We are avid young readers who love stories and believe in magic. In our spare time, we like to get lost in books. We write and share book reviews here.

Where is our passion for books from? It started from bed time stories, including Goodnight Moon, CorduroyGuess How Much I Love You, and many other beautiful stories, that brought us to dreams and planted a seed for loving books. As we entered school age, we started book clubs with friends. What a fun way to share ideas and thoughts on books, especially when you even have snacks and juice (Thanks, parents)!

We want to reach more book lovers and put our thoughts on our favorite books in writing. So we started this book review blog. It was a little daunting at the beginning. We asked ourselves, “Do we have the skills for website building?” “Do our reviews make sense?” “Will our book reviews have any readers?” “Will we have extra time after school to do this?” We silenced our questions and just did it!

We are glad we did it. It started small, but it is growing. The seed of loving books planted in our hearts years ago is growing into a charming flower.

We are bright book readers. We love books and hope you do too.

Co-founders of Bright Book Readers: Allison and Andrew