Book Review: The Girl from Venice by Martin Cruz Smith

The Girl from Venice

By Andy

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Guilia was a smart and wealthy Jewish girl from Venice and Cenzo was a fisherman who led a simple life that only involved fishing, eating, and sleeping. Life was normal, until World War II started and the Nazis rounded up Jews. “The Girl from Venice” by Martin Cruz Smith tells a story about how Guilia and Cenzo met and their adventure to hide her away from the Nazis.

The story kicks off in the mid of the timeline where Cenzo and Guilia met. The Nazis laid siege to Venice, gathered all Jewish residents, and sent them to concentration camps. The way the two main characters met each other was a bit strange. Cenzo found Guilia in the middle of the night in the lagoon where Cenzo was fishing and Guilia was presumed “dead.” She later gained consciousness and Cenzo learned about her identity as a wealthy 18-year-old Jewish woman and her current situation. Guilia hid in a hospital nearby, which was inspected by the Nazis because of the rumor that Jews were hiding there. Guilia escaped in the sewages. From then on, it details he helped her escape from Nazis’ prosecution.

Throughout this book, Cenzo made a lot of decisions for which he took many risks. Consequently, there were fights, killings, and injuries. Although the middle section of the book is a little vapid, the book is packed with actions and it has kept me enthralled with its cliffhanger ending.

The Girl from Venice By Martin Cruz Smith, Simon & Schuster, 320pp.

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