Travel Writing: National Aquarium in Baltimore, MD

National Aquarium in Baltimore

National Aquarium in Baltimore

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By Ally

On a windy holiday morning, my family and I braved the chill and headed to the well-known Baltimore National Aquarium. As a gust of wind whipped my face and pushed against my body, I was regretful for this travel plan and murmured, “It better be worth it.”

The aquarium didn’t let me down. I was immediately drawn by the stylish design of the building, the welcoming atmosphere, the interactive learning platforms, and of course, the dazzling exhibition of tons of tropical fishes and ocean animals.

Giant fish tanks were adorned with mossy rocks, lumpy corals, and lush sea plants, illuminated by blue lights, like a scenic stage for sea creatures to dance around. A school of clown fish formed a line and skimmed across the tank. A pair of palette surgeonfish glided by, fins fluttering, swirling and circling around the stretches of soft corals. A baby shark slid through, body swaying gracefully.

Not all sea animals were natural-born dancers; some awkward ones also humbly claimed their stage. A green sea turtle fluttered its scaly flippers through the water with a jolt of force, propelling itself forward. A reticulated whiptail ray wobbled sluggishly, dragging its long tail behind its wide upper body.

Just when I was mesmerized by their performance, my brother called me to come the “touch zone” where we could touch some sea animals. As my fingers caressed the slippery back of the horseshoe crab and the slimy body of a moon jelly, my heart melted in a flush of warmth.

When we stepped out of the aquarium, it was already late afternoon and the wind still blew in ferocity, but it didn’t matter to me now. I knew I had a day well-spent.

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