DC Wharf’s Fish Market

DC Wharf's Fish Market

DC Wharf's Fish Market

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The salty scent of fresh seafood wafts in the air, mixed with the pungent smell of seasonings from giant boiling pots. People walk around with one-time use lunch boxes or big brown bags in their hands, chattering and chuckling. If you hear a rustling sound coming from the bag, or see the bag quivering, don’t be surprised. It is crabs trying to fight for their way out of the bag, but only ending up being steamed and placed on someone’s plate. This place is DC Wharf’s fish market. 

The fish market is one of the best seafood markets in DMV (DC-Maryland-Virginia) area. It is especially known for selling the Maryland’s signature seafood – blue crabs. It also offers a variety of other seafoods, from jumbo shrimp to lobster tail, from sea bass to scallop. In addition, the fish market provides freshly cooked seafood so customers can enjoy it on the spot.

DC Wharf's Fish Market

The fish market is a popular place to both locals and tourists to enjoy local flavors. It is not the only attraction in the Wharf area. Surrounded by assortments of restaurants and shops, the Wharf offers distinctive choices for food, drinks, and entertainment. Kids and parents roast marshmallows around the brick campfire pit. Visitors stroll on the well-paved pathways along the Potomac River, appreciating the waterfront view and busking in the warm sunlight of Spring.

As it gets warmer, more people are flocking here to enjoy the outdoor events. Soon, we will see people holding boxes of steamed seafood, cracking open crawfish with their teeth and hands, licking fingers for the last drop of flavor, sipping ice-cold soda while live music swaying in the background. 

As I am writing this, I cannot wait for the summer to come.

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