Four Days Carnival Cruise to Bahama

Carnival Cruise

Carnival Cruise

Four Days Carnival Cruise to Bahama

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Spring break is the time to relax and recharge with family and friends. Since our family has never taken any cruise before, we thought that a peaceful vacation on a giant boat sailing to the Caribbean would be a great way to spend our spring break. This past spring break we took a four-day cruise trip to the Bahamian islands from Miami.

The cruise ship we boarded was the Carnival Sensation. Its name is really the definition of the cruise ship. The food on the cruise were diverse and delectable. In the morning, the continental breakfast options offer a good start to the day. The lunch menu includes a buffet, pizza, hamburgers, etc. Dinner was more formal with menu ordering ranging from appetizers to main entries to dessert.

To make the cruise experience even more memorable, the cruise had plenty of activities to keep us entertained. Each night there was a singing and dancing performance. Those singers and dancers were professional and we enjoyed very much. In addition, different game shows engaged guests and made their nights special. We attended a comedy club show and found ourselves cracking up after a lot of funny punchlines. Most shows were scheduled at night, allowing passengers to explore the Bahamian islands during the day.


During the cruise, our ship took us to two ports, Nassau and Freeport, where most guests got off the ship and toured around the cities, relaxed on the beach, and shopped for souvenirs. Nassau, the capital city of the Bahama, is a popular port among cruise lines. The downtown of Nassau is within walking distance from the port and tourists are flocking to its historic streets. Colorful colonial-style architectures showcase the centuries old history on Bay street. Many of them are used as shops and restaurants. The straw market is a place you definitely want to stop by to purchase local artworks, bags, and T-shirts. A horse-drawn surrey ride from the port can also take you down a tour of the city.


Freeport is an island serving as a free trade zone in Great Bahama. It’s a small island with a gorgeous beach, making it a popular tourist attraction. We took a taxi to a nearby beach crowded with visitors mainly from cruises. A giant air-inflated playground was floating on the water. Kids and teens in life-vest were climbing and bouncing on it and occasionally falling into the water with splashes. For people who like to seek adventure in water, there are kayaking and water skiing. On the beach, a vendor sold fresh coconuts to quench people’s thirst.

The four-day cruise vacation quickly came to an end. Everyone seemed to have a hard time to go back to the daily routine after the worry-free vacation on the ship. The moment we stepped out of the ship, we were already thinking about coming back. After all, it is a Carnival Sensation!


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