Miami, Florida

Little Havana

Little Havana

Miami, Florida

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In April, we had a chance to tour the city of Miami while we waited for our flight home after a four-day cruise vacation in Bahama. The tour bus took us to the Little Havana in the downtown Miami, a city known for its largest population from Cuban immigrants.

The tour guide briefly introduced the history of Little Havana, then she took us to the famous Cuban Cigar Factory where we got a first-hand experience of how a Cuban Cigar was made. There were two ladies working in the back of factory shop. One lady was stretching out tobacco leaves and stacking them one on top of another while the other lady was packaging cigars into tin boxes. We were told all Cuban Cigars were hand-made this way, which is what they are famous for. While we were at the factory shop, we also tasted Cuban coffee, which carries a strong, bitter flavor. I am not a coffee person but I was impressed with the aroma and lingering taste of Cuban coffee.


There are many restaurants featuring Cuban cuisine in the Little Havana. We bought Cuban Sandwiches, the signature sandwich with crunchy toasted bread and flavorful special Cuban sauce. A fruit market was conveniently located nearby. We bought fresh coconuts and sipped the juice from the freshly cut opening using a straw.


After lunch, the tour bus took us to the midtown to visit Wynwood art district. The Wynwood neighborhood in midtown Miami has been transformed from an industrial hub home to warehouses and auto shops to a world-renounced art gallery center.  Its streets lined in colorful and creative graffiti art, with collections of modern and contemporary art. The Wynwood Walls is the landmark in the area, surrounded by vibrant urban murals, painted by top artists from all over the world. I never saw so many street arts in one place and each mural was breathtaking and eye-opening.

A day trip at Miami quickly drew to the end. The mixture of history and modern art makes Miami a great place to visit.


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