Minneapolis, MN



Minneapolis, MN

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It was May. The chilly breeze in Minnesota still reminded me of the last trace of winter. I visited Minneapolis, MN, for a conference this spring and was impressed by the beauty and serenity of the city.

Minneapolis is the largest city in Minnesota, with the Mississippi river, the third longest river in the world, passing through it. The city is abundant of water, including many wetlands, lakes, streams, and rivers connecting and crossing. Standing on the Stone Arch Bridge at downtown Minneapolis, you can have a panoramic view of St. Anthony Falls, the only natural waterfall on the Upper Mississippi river.  Water gushes over the rocks and falls aggressively. The wistful wind carries the scent of river and people on the bridge can feel the moisture soaked in the air.

Mississippi River

The rich water resources make Minnesota a great place for agriculture and transportation, and earn Minneapolis a nickname–the “Capital of Flour.” On the last day of our trip, I strolled along the downtown streets and passed the Mill Ruin Park, the historical site used to be the center of flour mills. The abandoned colossal mill chimneys are still standing on the ruins to represent the city’s past, with battered walls and shattered windows surrounded by contemporary condos and office buildings. The city reserved the appearance of the center after the disastrous explosion, as a landmark of Minneapolis.

Mill ruin

Three days’ stay in Minneapolis only allows me to take a glimpse of the city. I have already been intrigued by the natural beauty and history of the city. If the cold weather in the winter is not the concern, Minneapolis is a good place to live and work.


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