Book Review: Game Changer by Tommy Greenwald, Harry N. Abrams

Game Changer Cover

By Andy

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In an ideal world, people follow their dreams and pursue their passions. However, in reality, not everyone can succeed. There are might be obstacles that force you to stop your passion. At the end, all of that work and effort is wasted and you have to start all over. In the book, Game Changer, an incoming freshman named Teddy, who had a passion towards football, went into a coma for an unknown reason after participating in a preseason football camp.

Teddy was a popular boy going into high school where he was recognized as the best football player in the school. He had scored multiple touchdowns and helped the team win many games. During the summer, he participated in a preseason football camp where he met fellow freshmen and Coach Bizetti. During the camp, he got into a coma but no one could explain what had happened to him. Many classmates and freshman who also went to preseason camp started a webpage just for Teddy where they prayed for him to get better. Throughout this book, a lot of people visited teddy but this leads to more questions about the reason of his coma and different speculations that are mixed with various emotions and feelings and the story starts to slowly unravel.

The whole story is presented in multiple formats of messages, such as dialogue, narration, and news articles. One type of message is written in a list of short phrases or sentences. When you link these phrases, they are actually a dialogue of a character when he or she was talking to teddy at the hospital. Another often used form of information in the book is a part of the webpage/chat/news, which shows what people thought was going on and all the drama happened outside of the hospital.There were barely any action. Most of the book is about how the characters feel about how Teddy got into a coma and the real action is only at the last pages.

I was hooked by the story at the beginning, but was getting a little bored when some ideas are repeated: “I miss you” or “I have no idea what is going on” or “I feel bad about Teddy.” This book is easy to read and enjoyable, in general.

Game Changer by Tommy Greenwald, Harry N. Abrams (September 11, 2018), 304 pp.

Age Range: 10 and 14
Grade Level: 5 and 9

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