Beijing – Xiangyun Town Center



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Every time we visited China, we flew in and out from Beijing Airport and had never thought to explore around the airport area. This time, on the night before we departed from Beijing, we stayed in a hotel near the airport and had a chance to visit the Xiangyun Town Center, which is about 10 minutes’ drive from our hotel.

This town is known for its modern architecture, large crowd and fun atmosphere. It is full of shops, restaurants, and game rooms, and is surrounded by condos for residence, which is similar to many town centers in the U.S.

What impressed me most is its midnight food street (深夜食街). Restaurants are lined up on this street and wait for customers to choose their meal from Sichuan cuisine to Cantonese style, Chinese to Western food, or from casual to formal dining. Too many choices all at once actually make it even harder for customers to choose.

Live music at the town center drew pedestrians to gather around. Small kids were playing at the fountain outside the cinema while parents were watching them splashing and having fun with fountain water. Shoppers strolled down the brick road streets and wandered into various stores selling clothes, decorations and toys. There was also a video game store called “Toy Raiders” which is full of arcade games. At Xiangyun town center, everyone can find something to enjoy themselves.

I believe there were many visitors here like us, who would take a flight to another city or country the next day. In their last night in Beijing, Xiangyun town center gave them relaxation and a distinctive memory of the city.

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