Because I’m a Safety Patrol

Because I am a safety patrol

By Ally

The morning wind howls, sending a wave of swirling air,
Shivers of cold running up and down my spine.
As chattering students head inside the school,
I huddle up tight on the sidewalk, fulfilling my morning duties,
Because I’m a safety patrol.

I stand in the corner of the street, scanning students passing by.
A boy is taunting a girl who is on the verge of tears.
As much as I want no part in this scene,
I step up and say “Stop” in a firm voice,
Because I’m a safety patrol.

As the bell rings, frisky children scamper out of the school,
Arms pumping with excitement, eyes beaming bright,
I glance through the horde, making sure things are under control.
Everyone sprints home while I am the last one to depart,
Because I’m a safety patrol.

As I finish up my duties, I head home, exhausted.
I take off my yellow belt, proudly gazing at it to remind me that,
I help and guide others as much as I can,
Because I’m a safety patrol.