Week 8: Gur Rewari and Chikki Til Laddu

Gur Rewari and Chikki Til Laddu

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Gur Rewari and Chikki Til Laddu are two famous traditional Indian desserts. Gur Rewari, a small, flat, and oval-shaped treat, is made with brown-colored jaggery, a type of cane sugar with many micronutrients in it. Coated on the jaggery are roasted sesame seeds.

Chikki Til Laddu is a round ball of sesame seeds in jaggery. This dessert is rich in calcium, iron, and potassium. Chikki Til Laddu also has zero trans fat or cholesterol. Although the one I ate was only made up of jaggery and sesame seeds, Chikki Til Laddu may be seen with peanuts, coconut, or any other ingredient to spice up the flavors.

Gur Rewari and Chikki Til Laddu

I bought these treats at a local Indian store. As a fan of sesame, I was eager to try it out. Fortunately, I was pleasantly surprised for desserts. Gur Rewari had a hard texture to bite into, but it was crunchy. Although the jaggery flavor was a bit too sweet for me, Gur Rewari would make a perfect to-go snack, since it isn’t messy or inconvenient.

Chikki Til Laddu, on the other hand, was a lot harder to bite into. It was as hard as a rock, but the flavor didn’t cease to amaze me. There was a perfect amount of sweetness and fragrancy that urged me to eat another one. The Chikki Til Laddu had more sesame than jaggery, unlike Gur Rewari.

I enjoyed Chikki Til Laddu more than Gur Rewari, despite its firmness. As long as your teeth can handle the hardness, I totally recommend these desserts!