Reading Books by Asian Authors Initiative: Learning about Asian Americans’ Experience

Image from Unsplash

May is Asian American and Pacific islander heritage month. It honors them for enriching American history and culture.

The celebration of AAPI heritage is particularly important in 2021 with the increase of anti-Asian racism and violence throughout the United States.

We believe one way to tackle bias and stereotypes of Asian Americans is to encourage people, especially the younger generation, to read more about history, identities, and experiences of Asian Americans.

Unfortunately, Asian Americans and their life are not adequately presented in the readings of students. Students lack information to understand diverse voices. More than ever before, we need voices from Asian Americans.

Therefore, we are holding an initiative to introduce more Asian authors and their books to schools. Through this event, we hope this event can allow student to hear more diverse voices from Asian Americans and nurture and encourage open mindsets.

Co-founders Allison and Andrew