Author Feature: Wendy Shang

WendyWendy lives in northern Virginia, just outside of Washington, DC, with her husband, children, a cat and a dog. She loves the New York Times Spelling Bee, good pens, and, of course, some gummi bears now and then.

She is a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, and the Megaphone Board of Shout Mouse Press, a nonprofit writing and publishing program dedicated to amplifying underheard voices. 

Here is her website: 

The Great Wall of Lucy Wu

The Great Wall of Lucy Wu

In this humorous and heartfelt debut about a split cultural identity, nothing goes according to plan for sixth-grader Lucy Wu. Lucy Wu, aspiring basketball star and interior designer, is on the verge of having the best year of her life. She’s ready to rule the school as a sixth grader and take over the bedroom she has always shared with her sister. In an instant, though, her plans are shattered when she finds out that Yi Po, her beloved grandmother’s sister, is coming to visit for several months, and is staying in Lucy’s room. Her plans are ruined…or are they? As the Chinese saying goes: Events that appear to be good or bad luck often turn out to be quite the opposite. Lucy finds that while she may not get the perfect year she had in mind, she can create something even better.

This is just a testThis is Just a Test

David Da-Wei Horowitz has a lot on his plate. He would have enough to do preparing for his upcoming bar mitzvah even if the planning didn’t involve trying to please both his Jewish and Chinese grandmothers, who argue about everything. They even have a cook-off battle of the latkes. But David just wants everyone to be happy. That includes his friend Scott, who is determined to win their upcoming trivia tournament but doesn’t like their teammate and David’s best friend Hector. Scott and David begin digging a fallout shelter just in case this Cold War stuff with Russia turns south, but David’s not so convinced he wants to spend forever in an underground bunker with Scott anymore. Maybe it would be better if Hector and Kelli Ann came with them. But that would mean David has to figure out how to stand up for Hector and talk to Kelli Ann first. Some days, surviving nuclear war feels like the least of David’s problems.

Not Your All-American GirlNot Your All-American Girl

Lauren and her best friend, Tara, have always done absolutely everything together. So when they don’t have any classes together in sixth grade, it’s disastrous. The solution? Trying out for the school play. Lauren, who loves to sing, wonders if maybe, just maybe, she will be the star instead of Tara this time. But when the show is cast, Lauren lands in the ensemble, while Tara scores the lead role. Their teacher explains: Lauren just doesn’t look the part of the all-American girl. What audience would believe that she, half-Jewish, half-Chinese Lauren, was the every girl star from Pleasant Valley, USA? From amidst the ensemble, Lauren tries to support her best friend. But when she can’t bring herself to sing anymore, her spot in the play and her friendship are in jeopardy. With the help of a button-making business, the music of Patsy Cline, and her two bickering grandmothers, can Lauren find her voice again?

Over the moonOver the Moon: The Novalization

When Fei Fei’s father gets ready to remarry, Fei Fei decides she must journey to the moon to bring back proof of the legendary goddess Chang’e and evidence of true love. What she discovers when she arrives is so much more than what she expects, and Fei Fei discovers she will need her friends and courage to return home.


The Rice in the Pot Goes Round and RoundThe Rice in the Pot Goes Round and Round

“The Wheels on the Bus” is remade into a joyous celebration of food, laughter, and love of a multigenerational family meal! Includes back matter on terms for family, Chinese food and etiquette.

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